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Cape May Soap Co. Bath Soak

These great salt bath soaks come in 16 oz. jars and a variety of blends!

Forest - Himalayan Pink Bath Soak is a tranquil blend which uses only natural ingredients to create this magnificent bathing experience. A blend of essential oils based on a 100-year old recipe to create a warm, woody, mossy, citrus accord.   
Peppermint-Citrus - This Dead Sea bath Soak provides a deeply relaxing experience and a feast of minerals for the skin.  
Damask Rose-Vanilla -  This Stress-relief blend of Himalayan Bath Salts contain 84 beneficial trace minerals giving them their natural, pink color. Contains Rose petals, Maui Vanilla Beans and Jojoba oil.   
Jasmine-Sandalwood - Himalayan salt containing 84 beneficial trace minerals giving them their natural pink color.   
Lavender Chamomile - A deeply relaxing bath soak of Dead Sea Salt. Dead Sea Salt has been used for ages to treat eczema, psoriasis  and arthritis.