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Soap by the Slice

Vibrant an delightfully scented vegetable glycerin soap slices.  Moisturizes with a rich lather, leaving skin feeling silky and smooth.

Available Fragrances:

Candy Cane: Peppermint, spearmint, and a hint of tangerine

Chocolate Moose: Chocolate Mousse

Holiday Tree: Orange peel, dried fruits, and berries

Holly Berry: Minty and floral

Rudolph: Vanilla, citrus, floral, and a hint of sandalwood

Santa Hat: Wintery floral blend

Santa's Sleigh: Winter flowers and fresh mint

Snowflakes: Fresh mint

Snowman: Warm musk, citrus, and wintery florals

Joy: Cedarwood, balsam fir, juniper, lavender, topping with light orange, pine, and eucalyptus

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