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Cape May Soap Co.

Shop Bath Time Online and on the Washington Street Mall!

     Seasonal-scented lotions, plush robes, Turkish towels and hundreds of exotic soaps are a few of the many items that make Bath Time an oasis for the spa lover and discerning shopper. Oh... and don't forget about the wide selection of rubber duckies for your bath too. We carry dozens in various styles!
     Be sure to visit the fragrance blending bar (or even order online) where a member of the staff will assist you in sampling over 100 natural oils from florals, musks and fruits to airy, beach scents and garden-fresh herbals. Choose a single fragrance or combine fragrances to create your own signature scent. Plus, there are numerous products to choose from in the Cape May Blends line... lotions, oils, gels, shampoo, soap, room spray and much more! You can even order online! 
     Our retail shop is located at 318 Washington Street Mall in beautiful Victorian Cape May. 

About Bath Time

Join Bath Time as it celebrates its 30th year as Cape May’s exclusive shop for bathing luxuries from around the world.In addition to the numerous awards and accolades it has received since 1994, Ba...

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